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Tacamor’s mission is to provide our clients with exceptional call center services that improve their profit margins by retaining more and happier customers, winning new ones, and reducing costs.

But talk is cheap.

Hey, everyone talks about vision and mission statements. Yes they’re important, but ultimately any vision is useless if we don’t actually focus daily in that direction. So we focus and refocus and refocus on an ongoing basis. Remember Superman’s x-ray vision? Yah, that’s pretty much us.

Tacamor’s vision is on keeping your costs down while keeping your customers happy.

We see you not having to repeatedly spend time and money finding, hiring and training new CSRs.

We see you getting back to running your business, while we deliver great customer service and/or tech support.

We see your customer satisfaction and retention levels climbing, as you’ll see in the detailed reports we provide, tailored to your specifications and preferences.

We see you being so thrilled with having such happy customers and reduced costs that you’ll be telling others that we’re the best call center you’ve ever had, and sending us more money than we ask for.

Pretty good vision, huh?

Okay, we’ll leave sending the extra money to your discretion. But we see all that other stuff as our responsibility. And we aim to deliver.

So, if you’re looking for an exceptional outsourced call center, your vision seems pretty clear too. You’re staring right at us.

Let’s start the conversation…

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