Tacamor Call Centers help our clients care for their customers worldwide.

Outsourced Call Center Solutions

Tacamor’s 24-7 nearshore outsourced call centers set industry-leading performance standards and use cutting-edge technology. So how does that benefit you?

It means Tacamor delivers:

  • friendly, experienced call center agents focused on providing exceptional customer-service and tech-support services.
  • exceptionally low agent turnover rates, allowing our operators to become intimately familiar with your company and customers without the need for perpetually repeated training.
  • 24-7 call center operations at a lower cost than you probably thought possible for a North American facility.
  • system and network redundancy across disparate locations in exceptionally stable environments, making your operations virtually immune to the threat of flooding, hurricane, tornado, power failure, and other interruptions.
  • multilingual service flexible to meet your precise language requirements.
  • seamless integration with virtually any CRM system on the planet, allowing you to switch to our operations without disrupting your current client-management and tracking operations.
  • detailed real-time monitoring, allowing you to track call volumes, wait times, abandon rates, and numerous other call center key performance indicators that you define, delivered directly to you by email at whatever times you specify.

Sound impressive? We’re just getting started. Click the links to see how Tacamor’s outsourced call center customer service and technical support services can care for you and your customers.

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