Tacamor gives you better control than you would with an in-house call center.

Real-Time Monitoring

Whether you’re providing customer service or tech support or both, your call center has to be held accountable. You need confidence that your customers are getting the attention they need. You need to be able to check in at any time to see how many calls are in queue, what the average wait times are, what the abandon rate is, and a dozen other key performance indicators. You need to be able to actually listen in on a call as it’s happening. You need to know.

We know what you need.

At Tacamor, we see accountability as a basic requirement. There’s no point promoting ourselves as a call center if we can’t give you the confidence that we’re a great one. So we make our operations as transparent as possible.

  • No matter where you are in the world, you can check in at any time to access real-time data on how your account is doing.
  • Monitor your customers’ calls, hearing for yourself the quality of service we provide, and receive detailed reports on call volumes, wait times, abandon rates, and other service level objectives.
  • Quickly access metrics for the past week, month, or whatever time frame you prefer.
  • Pull extra value from your customer calls, as well as from the interpretation and analysis of trends impacting your business.
  • Tacamor uses Interactive Intelligence systems, state-of-the-art call-center software consistently ranked as one of the leaders by the Gartner Group.

In fact, our focus on monitoring and reporting is so thorough that you’re very likely to have better control over your operations at Tacamor than you would with an in-house call center. We’re that good.

If you’re planning a call center and need confidence that you have a great one, trusting your call center to Tacamor will give you that peace of mind. Our senior staff are experienced in assessing and evaluating client projects and campaigns, and can work with you to design key quality metrics and reporting processes.

It’s time to take charge of the details of your call center monitoring and reporting. Request a quote today. We’re eager to impress you.

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