At Tacamor, "safe and secure" is not a cliché; it's a commitment.

Stable Operations

Tacamor’s call centers are located in eastern Canada, where moderate climate conditions facilitate continuous and reliable services, with vastly reduced chances of interruption due to hurricane, tornado, flooding, earthquake, or other natural disasters. We utilize a robust power and telecommunications infrastructure, with full data backup and protection. Of course, no place on Earth or elsewhere — yah, we checked! — can ever be 100% immune to trouble, so in addition to all these safeguards, we also work with you to create customized disaster-recovery plans, just in case.


No company can afford to be casual about its data security. At Tacamor, every element of our operation has been reviewed from a security standpoint, to ensure your operations and ours are as safe as possible from electronic or physical intrusion.

For more information about Tacamor’s security programs and our commitment to providing stable support solutions, we welcome your email inquiries or your calls to our toll-free number,  1 (855) 822 – 2667

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