Tacamor makes an exceptional call center exceptionally affordable.

Lower Cost

Cost isn’t everything. But it sure thinks it is.

Yes, service is vital, and accountability, stability and security are all way up there too. But ultimately, the whole package has to fit within a budget or it just isn’t a fit at all. Getting the price right is as important as having strong management and Starbucks.

We understand the facts of business life, and we’ve modeled our entire call center operation on making our exceptional solutions exceptionally affordable. We’ve based our main facilities in small-town Canada, where people appreciate a long-term career opportunity and grew up with a base expectation that people will be nice and will be happy to help others. Facility costs are a small fraction of what many of our competitors pay, and because of Tacamor’s extraordinarily low agent turnover rates, we save even more money by keeping our agents for years rather than the industry standard of weeks or months.

Many corporate executives are surprised to hear that Tacamor can give them a North American outsourced call center operation at a lower cost than they could achieve by doing it all in-house. In-house may sound like the safest route, but the cost of the facilities, equipment, management, staff, monitoring, insurance, maintenance, and other necessities — many of them often not even recognized when doing an initial cost comparison — can combine to make an in-house call center far more expensive than expected.

Tacamor can help you develop a solid understanding of your customer-service needs, taking into account your call volumes, service-level requirements, scripting needs, and geographical areas served. As a result, you can make informed business decisions. We work with you to create a call center solution, reducing costs and improving your level of service. We provide positive customer experiences at a cost-effective, competitive price, meeting your customers’ needs reliably and consistently, with attentive and caring people.

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When you outsource to Tacamor, you input some serious savings.

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